Where to buy a domain name in Nigeria?

As I mentioned earlier, there are literally tons of places where you can buy yourself a domain.

… but there’s one thing you need to keep in mind. When you buy a domain, you will need hosting as well. Without hosting you are unable to create a blog on your domain.

I have managed to the cut the “crap” and found some really good domain registrars that don’t scam and steal your money. In addition, all of them have very good customer support (in case you’ll need it).
Hostvow.com2000 per domain, but you’ll get a privacy protection for free 
So don’t wait, go and get the domain name before someone else takes it.

To make things simple for people who are just starting their first blog or website, They provide a domain for only ₦2000 to anyone who signs up with their hosting – sweet deal!You can buy a custom domain www.hostvow.com so that when people visit your blog or website they'll see something other than blogger.com in the URL

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