How to Create a Package within WHM

  1. Log into your WHM
  2. Click “Add a Package” under the “Packages” heading in the left menu

  3. On the following page:
    • Specify a package name
    • Resources
      • Define how many of each item the package offers. Enter “unlimited” (without the quotes) to allow an unlimited number, 0 to not allow any, or a specific number.
    • Settings
      • Dedicated IP
        • If you have any available dedicated IP addresses on your server and you would like this package to include a dedicated IP address, select that option.
      • Select Options
        • Decide whether or not this account should have ssh access, Frontpage Extensions installed by default, and if they should have CGI Access.
      • cPanel Theme
        • Choose the cPanel theme to use. InMotion Hosting currently users x3.
      • Feature List
        • Select which feature list to assign to the account. Feature lists specify which cPanel features are available to the user, and are managed within the “Feature Manager” in WHM.
      • Locale
        • Select which language to assign to the cPanel accounts
    When complete, click “
    ” at the bottom of the page to create the package.
Congratulations, now you know how to create a cPanel package within WHM!
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