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Atesdev can provide you with the site of your dreams. Would you like a site to communicate with your target audience, while still looking beautiful and yet simple? Look no further. No matter the complexity of the job, our team of designers and developers would turn that idea into a fantastic site.



Want a website? it only takes us 7DAYS to get a professional websites done. Get started now


We specializes in development of highly professional websites, software and mobile applications for businesses.


It does not stop there! Our support team would also ensure that your site is able to reach your target audience, while saving you time and money!

Modern style Website, Easy to customize. 2000+ live Websites and growing..

Gorgeous Design, 100% Customizable 100s of fully customizable Websites available in every category
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We help organisations in Nigeria radically improve their websites through functional design, which is not only skin deep, but improves the experience of users. We have done this consistently for over 6 years..
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